„Who is Brundibár?”“

„Who is Brundibár?“

A musical dedicated to all Jewish children who would never be allowed to grow up.

Kdo je Brundibár 1Students of the Elementary Catholic School and Kindergarten in Třinec annually prepare a musical production for their parents, other schools in Třinec and the general public. In 2009, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, they worked on a school project “Jewish children and the war” and prepared the musical production “Who is Brundibár?”.

The musical itself is based on the well-known children’s opera by Hans Krása and Adolf Hoffmeister, Brundibár. The opera, originally performed 55 times by children at the time of World War II in Terezín, fascinated our students and teacher right from the first rehearsals. The children learned not only beautiful tunes, but also about the interesting history of creation and stage productions of this opera. The book by Hannelore Brenner- Wonschick, The Girls of Room 28, allowed the students to peek into the life in Terezín and learn from the girls’ diaries about their most secret wishes and desire. Among others, they got to know Anna Flachová, a girl who was born in the same region, Silesia, in the nearby Cieszyn and performed in all 55 production of Brundibár in Terezín.

Who is Brundibár 2On 17 December 2009, 600 people gathered in the Trisia House of Arts to watch this musical production. On the next day, students of the local elementary schools formed the audience. A great surprise and a wonderful experience for students, teachers and parents alike was the presence in audience of Mrs Anna Hanusová, born Flachová on the opening night. Her interesting narrative of the time she spent in Terezín captivated the children and there was no end to questions. With her view of life and her kind and loving attitude to children, Mrs Hanusová provided a strong testimony to all those present that love can be more powerful than hatred.

Mgr. Monika Guńková, headmistress

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