“Do I really feel so good in Theresienstadt…?“

On June 12th 2014, an awarding ceremony of the 18th year of the art and the 20th year of the literary contests of the Terezín Memorial were held  in the Ghetto Museum under the title “Do I really feel so good in Theresienstadt? …”. The theme had been chosen due to the 70th anniversary of the Nazi propaganda efforts associated with the Terezín ghetto (film shooting, visit of the International Committee of the Red Cross).

In total, 427 works from 80 schools throughout the Republic registered in the competitions, out of which 44 were awarded. Score sheets and samples of art work are to be found on the website of the Terezin Memorial.

In addition to children, students, their parents and other guests, the afternoon ceremony was also  attended by the Children’s Choir Brno under the direction of their choirmaster Valerie MATASOVA. Accompanied by pianist Sarka Kralova, they sang the following pieces of Terezín composers: Three Hebrew Pieces For Boys’ Choir of Viktor Ullmann and four songs from the programme Flowered Horse composed for children from Prague Jewish orphanages in the time before Terezín by Karel Reiner and lyricist Norbert Fryd.

During the ceremony a special remembrance was paid to the founder and sponsor of the Terezín contests Mrs. Hana Greenfield, who died in January 2014.


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