International seminar “Holocaust in Education“ in Terezin for the 13th time

Between 21st and 24th November 2013, the Terezin Memorial held already the 13th seminar on “Holocaust in Education”, which was attended by 46 Czech teachers. While the first level seminar “How to Teach about the Holocaust” is led only by Czech lecturers, the November event welcomes mainly lecturers from abroad. Their aim is to acquaint Czech teachers with the methodologies and views on the issue of the Holocaust in their home institutions. However, Czech lectures were traditionally not missing; there were representatives of the Jewish Museum in Prague, the People in Need foundation, and the Malach Centre for Visual History.

Even some of the seminar participants shared their own experience in teaching with their colleagues (Jindriska Wankova from a primary school in Trmice, Radomila Obloukova from a grammar school in Svitavy, Lenka Tomankova from the secondary industrial school in Uherske Hradiste, Hana Kadava from an elementary school in Sokolov, and Lenka Zahradkova from a primary school in Trebenice).
Teachers also drew inspiration from the evening cultural performances. In addition to the film screening of the Alfred Radok’s Long Journey (1949), they saw on Friday the children’s opera Brundibar by Hans Krasa and Adolf Hoffmeister performed by the Disman Radio Children’s Ensemble and accompanied by the pianist Michael Macourek. On Saturday, Jaroslav Achab Haidler from the Drama Studio in Usti nad Labem presented his single-actor performance The Poor in Lodz.


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