New publication Jews in Dobříš

Cover page of the book Jews in Dobříš.

Cover page of the book Jews in Dobříš.

Last November, author Jindřiška Rosenbaumová (born in 1983, née Telenská) published a book called Židé v Dobříši (Jews in Dobříš). On seventy pages, the writer seeks to trace the history of the local Jewish community. She succeeds in portraying the life of the Jews in the town of Dobříš during the past four centuries, complete with their rich cultural and social life, or their unforgettable business projects that made the name of the town famous in the garment industry.

What is all the more gratifying is the fact that the author, during her previous studies at the Secondary Teacher Training School in Beroun, attended, back in 2002, a longer educational program prepared by the Terezín Memorial’s Department of Education. It was partly thanks to this particular experience that the writer later decided to study Judaism and Hussite theology at the Hussite Theological Faculty of the Charles University. At present, she leads specialized workshops in the Dobříš Museum; moreover, she is the author of the local permanent Jewish exhibition.


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