Unveiling of a memorial plaque in memory of orphaned children – Jeneralka castle in Prague

Memorial plaque, Castle Jeneralka, Prague © Roman Kelbich

A memorial plaque was unveiled in ceremony at  Jeneralka Castle in Prague 6 on 11th June 2012. The plaque is to commemorate 46 children who became orphans after repressions during so called Heydrichiade and who were interned there by the Nazis between 1942 and 1944. The initiative to place a memorial plaque at Jeneralka was taken by the City of Prague 6 after being inspired by the project of the Terezin Memorial called “Tracing Little Memorials”. The Terezin Memorial supplied scientific material for the text of the memorial plaque as well as a graphic motive from its collections (little girl’s head from the embroidery on a handkerchief by L. Valcikova). Ceremonial speeches at plaque unveiling were delivered by the Mayor of Prague 6 Ing. Marie Kousalikova, the Terezin Memorial historian Mgr. Dalibor Krcmar and the Deputy of “Svatoborice children” Ing. Alena Stankova. The programme consisted also of a tour around the rooms of former internment facility (the object is currently the seat of the International Baptist Theological Seminary).


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