Terezín Memorial´s Department of Education would like to thank for the contributions in support of its youth educational programs

We would like to thank those whose donations have contributed to the educational programs of the Terezín Memorial since the beginning of this year.

Robert H. Arnow (USA) devoted his contribution in support of organizing the youth literary and art competition – the Hana Greenfield Memorial in 2018.

Heinrich Ludwig Logeman sent his monetary gift to cover the costs associated with the stay of volunteers coming to the Terezín Memorial for their one-year stay from the Austrian association Gedenkdienst and the German organization Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste, respectively.

Furthermore, we would naturally also like to thank all the other donors for their gifts supporting the Terezín Memorial´s projects other than its educational programs.

Department of Education, Terezín Memorial

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