Worksheet for the Holocaust Denial workshop

Holocaust is undoubtedly one of the mankind’s worst experiences in human history. It might appear impossible at first sight for someone to doubt the horrors of World War II or to dismiss them as inventions. Nevertheless, the voices of Holocaust deniers began to be heard very soon after the end of the war and can still be heard today. It is no wonder then that one of the Terezín Memorial education department’s workshops is  dedicated to the problem of Holocaust denial. A workshop has recently been produced for the workshop, which aims to, without coming across as forced, educate students on the topics of anti-Semitism, nationalism and Holocaust denial. The students will learn the basic information on the given topic. They will learn about the main figures of Holocaust denial and their ideas. They will be able to see through the most frequent arguments used by Holocaust deniers as well as read the related counterarguments. Last but not least, the worksheet deals with the punishment of war criminals after the World War II and history of the state of Israel. These topics were included in the worksheet, because the deniers frequently discuss them in their works. The practical exercises at the end of the worksheet aim to check how attentive the students were and to inspire them to think about the problem in question. The worksheet is not serve as a mere supplement of the workshop, but also like an independent learning aid for secondary school students.


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