Worksheets for school groups – for individual work in the Ghetto Museum exposition

The education department of the Terezín Memorial expands its educational activities beyond the scope of seminars organized for older and younger students. The department aims to make the history of the former Terezín Ghetto and the Ghetto Museum exposition more accessible and bring it to children and young people who visit the museum without taking part in any of the seminars.

The first step was taken when a set of worksheets was produced for work in the Ghetto Museum’s exposition. The set consists of 11 worksheets for students, a brochure with correct answers for their accompanying teachers and a plan of the exposition in the first floor. The worksheets are ordered by exposition parts and are dedicated to the following topics: Preparations of a Genocide, Ghetto Established in Terezín, Ghetto is not a Concentration Camp, Decoration and Transports, Life and Food, Health and Dying, Work, Culture and Spiritual Life, The Youngest and Oldest Ghetto Prisoners, Further Fates of those Transported, Family Camp of the Terezín Prisoners.

A single set is therefore intended for a whole single school group which will in turn divide into smaller groups to work with the worksheets; each group then investigates answers to questions contained from their worksheet in the respective section of the exposition. The students are given tasks of looking for various facts, contemplate the context of events, formulate their own thoughts on life in the former ghetto.

The results may be presented later, when the students return to their school – using the aforementioned brochure with correct answers. The worksheets also feature a number of illustrations that may be used by a group in order to present the topic they tackled to others. The presentation may be done in a number of ways, such as creation of posters by individual groups, using the worksheet illustrations.


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