Extension of Terezin Memorial Expositions – Replica of Attic in Dlouha Street

Inside the „closet“, small dormitory, APT 6563

Inside the „closet“, small dormitory, APT 6563

Several years ago, the Terezin Memorial opened to the public a prayer room from the ghetto times at 17 Dlouha Street in Terezin. In the attic above the prayer room, remains of a “closet”, small dormitories were discovered.Closets served as a kind of emergency accommodation for Terezin ghetto prisoners. They were made on the lofts of residential and farm buildings in Terezin. Being very small, only a few inmates could stay there together at the same time. However, the closets provided its dwellers with at least a little privacy in contrast to mass quarters (see the quarter replica in the Magdeburg barracks). The premises found above the prayer room were reconstructed into a space similar to that of the ghetto times, and now they are part of the Terezin Memorial expositions.

The entrance to the small dormitory, APT 6489

The entrance to the small dormitory, APT 6489

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