Seminar for French teachers

In late August 2012, French language again sounded through the Terezin Magdeburg barracks. The Terezin Memorial hosted already for the third time French teachers who came here under the auspice of the Maison d´Izieu Memorial for a one-week educational seminar.

Two days of their programme the participants spent exploring the Prague’s Jewish Town and the National Monument in Vitkov. The rest was devoted to the history of the Terezin ghetto, the Gestapo police prison in the Small Fortress and the concentration camp in Litomerice. The teachers visited all mentioned places, attended lectures and workshops giving them insight into life in these repressive institutions. Very interesting were discussions on the ghetto roles in propaganda and camp propaganda films at all. One of the top points on the schedule was a  discussion with Ivan Klima and Helena Klimova. Ivan Klima spent a few years in the ghetto as a small boy and his wife Helena works as a psychotherapist dealing with people who were affected by the holocaust itself or are descendants of those who survived. Both of them presented different views of the issue. At the end of the seminar, the participants visited the Lidice Memorial. Many of them were leaving Terezin full of new information and knowledge and some of them with a decision to bring their pupils and students to the Terezin memorial sites.


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