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Lecture for Slovak educators by Petr Koura

Lecture for Slovak educators by Petr Koura

Between  25th – 29th June 2011, 4th seminar for Slovak educators took place at the Terezin Memorial. This time it was a follow-up seminar since most of the participants had been here a year ago, and, due to their great interest in the issue, level II of this educative seminar followed, organized  by the Terezin Memorial in cooperation with the Documentary Centre of Holocaust in Bratislava.

Information and great experiences filled up the programme, which took place in Terezin, Lidice and Prague. This time the educational department focused on the method of teaching on holocaust, and introduced workshops, which they commonly offer to school groups in form of seminars at TM. Again, there was a guided tour around sites connected to the Terezin ghetto, however, this time around such Terezin spots and buildings, which are not included in ordinary tours for the lack of time. One afternoon, participants visited the Lidice Memorial. Another highlight on the schedule was a lecture by a historian Petr Koura. Mr Koura had already visited the Memorial several times, and this time he spoke about the holocaust theme in the Czech feature film in the period from the World War II up to the present.

The Drama Studio from Usti nad Labem took care of the dramatic programme by introducing the play “Rudolf Höss”. Teachers spent their last day in Prague, where they first attended two lectures at the Visual History Centre Malach. Mr Jakub Mlynar spoke about the archive of visual history of USC SFI, and its practical use, Mr Martin Smok then spoke about previous experience in educative use of archive memories. In the afternoon, participants went to see the Heydrich Memorial in Resslova street.

Three days later, Slovak educators were leaving Terezin with many useful materials, and with some new  inspiration for their further school work.


Visit to the Malach Visual History Centre

Visit to the Malach Visual History Centre

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