First-grade seminars for teachers – Spring 2011

Presentation of workshops outcomes by seminar participants

Prezentace výstupů z workshopů účastníky semináře

The dates 4th – 6th March and 18th – 20th March 2011 belonged to already 12th year of the first-grade seminars for teachers with the title “How to teach about the Holocaust”. The seminars were attended by a total of 90 Czech teachers, who spent three days extending their knowledge about the Holocaust and Terezin, learning about some of the methodological procedures and, last but not least, meeting and exchanging experience with colleagues from all over the CR.

Besides the Education Department of the TM, the seminars are also organized by the Educational and Cultural Centre of the Jewish Museum in Prague and the Museum of Romany Culture in Brno – the program thus traditionally involves (besides the issue of Holocaust and Theresienstadt Ghetto) also related topics: the history of Jewish settlement in the Czech lands, European anti-Semitism or the Romany Holocaust, etc.
The seminar is funded by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Almost 1,700 teachers in total have already participated in it since 2000.

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