Seminar How to Teach about the Holocaust

Art-dramatic workshop for teachers, seminar „How to teach about the Holocaust“, spring 2018.

The 18th seminar How to Teach about the Holocaust was held this year in the Jewish Museum in Prague and in the Terezín Memorial. The three-day seminar, attended by some seventy teachers form Czech elementary and secondary schools, was held in two rounds (from February 23 to 25, and from March 9 to 11).

Its participants heard lectures on the history of Jewish settlements in Bohemia and Moravia, on the Terezín Ghetto, on the psychological aspects of genocide, on the Roma Holocaust, anti-Semitism, and naturally on the methods of teaching about the Holocaust. The program came complete with three workshops introducing samples of activities offered by the Terezín Memorial and the Museum of Roma Culture in Brno, plus guided sight-seeing tours of Prague´s Jewish Town, the former Terezín Ghetto, and the former Gestapo Police Prison in the Small Fortress. A genuine highlight of the whole event may be seen in the participants´ meeting with the former Terezín Ghetto inmates Hana Hnátová and Helga Hošková.


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