”Somewhere There is Still a Sun“

The Book „Somewhere There is Still a Sun“. Source: https://www.amazon.com/Somewhere-There-Still-Sun-Holocaust/dp/1442484861, 30. 6. 2016, 13:24.

A book called “Somewhere There is Still a Sun” with a subheading “A Memoir of the Holocaust” was published in the United States last year. Its author Michael Gruenbaum (*1930), who was born and grew up in Prague, was deported to the Terezín Ghetto together with his mother and sister in 1942. In his book he describes everyday life in the Terezín Ghetto, recollecting primarily his friendships with boys of approximately his age in the children’s home known as Nesharim, as well as the reversed face of the Terezín Ghetto, full of hardship and diseases.
The book, which is devoted predominantly to children, offers – besides a unique story – also many documents and photos. Since its publication the book has succeeded in winning a number of awards and attracted a great many fans who highly value the book.
It is highly likely that publishers in this country will seek to publish the book in a Czech translation so that Czech readers could also enjoying reading Michael Gruenbaum´s memoirs.


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