Important visits in the Terezín Memorial

In the first half of April, Terezin was visited by European Parliament President Martin Schulz in the company of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka. Both politicians laid wreaths at the National Cemetery near the Small Fortress and, accompanied by Deputy Director of the Terezín Memorial Vojtěch Blodig, they visited the Memorial objects as well as recently renovated premisses in the town. A brief working meeting about the foundation of the European Centre for Holocaust education then took place in the Ghetto Museum.

In early May, Terezin welcomed German President Joachim Gauck with his life partner Daniela Schadt and his Czech counterpart Miloš Zeman with his wife Ivana. The delegation, accompanied by former prisoners of Terezin Mr. Felix Kolmer and Tomáš Kosta and Deputy Director of TM Vojtěch Blodig, visited the Small Fortress and laid wreaths at the National Cemetery. German President and his company then continued their Terezin tour with a visit to the Ghetto Museum.

 from TM press release

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