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J. A. Haidler during the performance, photo: Pavel Straka

J. A. Haidler during the performance, photo: Pavel Straka

In autumn 2011, higher educational workshops for teachers were again organized by the Terezin Memorial in cooperation with other institutions. In late October, for the sixth time already, a group of 20 Czech teachers visited the Israeli Yad Vashem Memorial.

Afterwards, from 10th to 13th November 2011, there was a traditional workshop (2nd stage) for Czech teachers “the Holocaust in Education”.

While the first stage is more general and is presented only by Czech lecturers, autumn workshops aim also at mastering practical didactic skills associated with teaching the Holocaust. They are led by lecturers from not only Czech institutions (Terezin Memorial, Education and Culture Centre of the Jewish Museum in Prague), but also, and mostly, from foreign ones (Yad Vashem in Israel, the State Museum in Auschwitz, the Shoah Foundation Institute, House of the Wannsee Conference, Anne Frank House, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington). 

Professionally oriented programme was then supplemented with three evening cultural performances: a classic film adaptation of short stories by Arnošt Lustig The Transport from Paradise directed by Zdenek Brynych in 1962; the opera Brundibar by Hans Krasa and Adolf Hoffmeister – presented in a suitably authentic vocal interpretation of the Disman Radio Children’s Choir led by Zdena Fleglova and under the music accompaniment of Archioni Plus orchestra conducted by Michal Macourek; and finally an adaptation of Ladislav Fuks’s novel Mr. Theodor Mundstock adapted, directed and performed by the one-man theatre of Jaroslav Achab Haidler of the Usti nad Labem Cinoherni Studio.


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