Events organized by the Terezín Memorial – II. Quarter of 2010


15 April 2010


Jaromír Másler – paintings, Karel Peřina – sculptures
exhibition rooms of yard IV of the Small Fortress

06 May 2010


Exhibition of the newly acquired items from the Terezín Memorial collections
exhibition rooms of yard IV of the Small Fortress

06 May 2010


Exhibition on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the liberation
foyer of the Small Fortress cinema


12 April 2010


Yom ha’ shoa
attic theatre in the building of the former Magdeburg barracks

30 April 2010


Anniversary of the last execution in the Small Fortress
the former place of executions of the Small Fortress

16 May 2010

04 June 2010


The Terezín Commemoration Ceremony 2010
The National Cemetery in front of the Small Fortress

Announcement of results of the Terezín Memorial’s Education Department’s contests.

Ghetto Museum

06 June 2010


Concert – Ludwig van Beethoven
Yard IV of the Small Fortress

14 June 2010


Conference on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of establishment of the “Small Fortress Police Prison”
Magdeburg barracks

25 June 2010


Commemoration ceremony on the occasion of anniversary of Milada Horáková’s execution
former Krankenrevier of the Small Fortress

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