The database of people persecuted by the Nazi regime

On 16th March 2011 the Terezin Memorial gave a presentation in the National Archive in Prague, and made the public acquainted with their new website, and, primarily, with the newly-processed browsers of prosecuted people as well as databases of collections and their  documentation.

The goal of the on-line databases is to make lists of prisoners available to both professional researchers and the general public. Currently, there are the following databases on the website available:

  • The database of inmates of the former Gestapo police prison in the Small Fortress
  • The database of inmates burried at the National Cemetery in front of the Small Fortress in Terezin
  • The database of inmates of the Concentration camp Litomerice
  • The database of inmates of the Concentration camps in Ravensbrück and Mauthausen
  • The database of inmates of the Internment camp for Germans in the Small Fortress in Terezin (1945-1948)
  • The database of victims of Terezin ghetto and transports from the Czech lands to ghettos in Lodz, Minsk and the labour camp of Ujazdow
  • The database of the persecuted Jews from the Czech lands who were not transported to the Terezin Ghetto

The databases are results of several years lasting work of the individuals and of the authorial teams of historians.  Hundreds sources of different character and value were used to draw up the databases. For each database the authors prepared description of its development; you can find there the sources which were used by the authors during the work on it; the authors here also draw the attention to the various difficulties of the databases. Databases have not been concluded yet, they will be continuously updated.


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