Seminar for teachers in Israel

Lecture by E. Zuroff in Yad Vashem

Lecture by E. Zuroff in Yad Vashem

On 11 – 22 October 2010, a seminar for teachers took place at the Yad Vashem Memorial in Jerusalem, organized by the Terezín Memorial in co-operation with the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and the international organization The Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance, and Research.  The seminar was frequented by twenty selected teachers from all corners of the Czech Republic, who had previously attended seminars in Terezín, Auschwitz, Ravensbrueck or Dachau, and who worked on some of the most interesting educational projects related to teaching about the Holocaust.

The seminar was traditionally marked by a tight programme that did not tend to end up until dark.  This however did in no way detract from the romance of the evening walks of the illuminated Old City of Jerusalem. The lecture were of the highest quality, as ever. Among the most praised were those that dealt with new and less common topics, such as the meaning of music in the Nazi ideology, presented by Tamara Machado, or Dr. Ephraim Zuroff of Wiesenthal Center’s lecture on the persecution of the contemporary Nazi war criminals.  Likewise, learning about new methods and approaches to teaching about the Holocaust with examples and workshops was seen as particularly inspirational by many of the teachers. The tour of the museum and premises of the Yad Vashem was also met with a very enthusiastic response. The strongest impression however was made by the exposition dedicated to the children victims of the Holocaust, which left most of the attending teachers speechless for several minutes.

The only day without lectures and workshops was taken up by an excursion to the Galilee region, with visits to places connected to the beginnings of Christianity.


Czech teachers in Jerusalem

Czech teachers in Jerusalem

Presentation of the students' projects, seminar in Yad Vashem

Presentation of the students' projects, seminar in Yad Vashem


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