Seminar for teachers at the Memorial Ravensbrück

	Workshop in the House of the Wannsee Conference, October 2014, photo: J. Špringl

Workshop in the House of the Wannsee Conference, October 2014, photo: J. Špringl

In early October 2014, the Ravensbrück Memorial hosted for the 5th time the 3rd grade seminar for Czech teachers organized by the Terezin Memorial in cooperation with the Czech Ministry of Education and German partners.
The first day of the seminar included a visit to the House of the Wannsee Conference in Berlin. Participants had an opportunity to see the local exhibition accompanied by commentaries from experts as well as to look into the room where the actual meeting of the Conference took place in January 1942. As the next part of the programme, teachers worked with historical sources within the workshop Perpetrators of the Holocaust. At the conclusion of this meeting, teachers and lecturers discussed the pedagogical aspects of teaching about the Holocaust.

The second day of the seminar was dedicated to the former concentration camp Ravensbrück. As part of the morning session, teachers had a chance to look in the depository to learn more about the archives activities, and at the same time, they could inspect some of the presented historical documents. Afterwards, all of them joined a photographic workshop, followed by a tour of extensive expositions accompanied by commentaries of experts from the Ravensbrück Memorial.

At the end of the seminar several participants presented their interesting school projects, which certainly became an inspiration for them and an impulse for their further work with students. The busy schedule of the seminar enhanced not only teachers’ scale of knowledge and information, but also their approaches to the methodology of education about the Holocaust.


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