Project Being at School in the War Years (1938 – 1945)

At the present days a project called Being at School in the War Years (1938 – 1945) is going on at schools of the Czech Republic. It is organized by the Terezin Memorial, the Czech Republic, International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, The National Pedagogical Museum and the J. A. Komenský (Comenius) Library in Prague, the Czech Republic, the Terezin Initiative Institute in Prague, the Czech Republic and The National Institute for Further Education, Prague, the Czech Republic.

There are 19 teams and individuals who are involved in this project (pupils, students and their teachers) and they explore and do the research on the topic connected with the project (e. g. – the history of their school, fate of the students or teachers etc. during the years 1938 – 1945 on the territory of the former Czech lands).

Project has several waves, at the moment the participants are doing the research part, then they have to prepare the scenario of the exhibition display about their topic, in June all the teams will meet in the Terezin Memorial at the conference dedicated to their research and during summer and autumn 2016 they will finish their exhibition displays.

The team of organizers has created the facebook profile of this project, where the topic connected with the schools during 1938- 1945 are inserted as well as the information about particular teams and their work on this project.


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